Learn, share, and grow through one of the most dynamic events our nation has to offer professionals impacting HIV/AIDS!

The National Conference on Social Work and HIV/AIDS (NCSWH), founded in 1988, is an annual event that draws more than 600 HIV/AIDS-care social workers, service providers, researchers, and professionals throughout various disciplines from across the United States and abroad. The field of HIV/AIDS has dramatically changed from 1988 when HIV/AIDS was a death sentence to 2020 when individuals can live and thrive with HIV. There's no doubt about it...we see an end to the HIV epidemic in THIS generation!

Hosted through a partnership between the Professional Association of Social Workers in HIV/AIDS (PASWHA) and Collaborative Solutions, our 2020 conference will focus on the theme of, "Social Work Solutions to End the Epidemic." Come join us during our 32nd year of learning together as we glance at how far we've come, and look ahead to an AIDS-free generation...together.