It's Conference Week (May 22-25, 2019)!

Learn, share, and grow through one of the most dynamic events our nation has to offer professionals impacting HIV/AIDS!

About The Conference

The National Conference on Social Work and HIV/AIDS (NCSWH), founded in 1988, is an annual event that draws more than 500 leaders, social workers, individuals living with HIV/AIDS, federal partners, researchers, professors, and students from across the country and nations abroad. The field of HIV/AIDS has dramatically changed from the death sentence it was in the early 1990s.  Today, individuals living with HIV can enjoy productive lives and thrive!

Hosted through a partnership between the Professional Association of Social Workers in HIV/AIDS (PASWHA) and Collaborative Solutions, this year's theme, "Social Work: Leadership. Change. Hope." will focus on the role social workers as leaders for social change, ending HIV/AIDS, best practices, prevention, research, and giving a voice to the profession; while empowering those we serve to be heard.

 We can see an end to the HIV epidemic in this generation!  

Social Work: Leadership. Change. Hope. 

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